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How to Ship Your Clock for Repair

How to Ship a Clock for Repair

We only need the clock and the pendulum for servicing and repair. Weights should be removed; this will save on shipping costs and we have weights here to test. Customer pays for the cost of shipping and return and is strongly urged to insure package for its full value. We cannot assume responsibility for damage done by post office.

The clock top/trim should also be removed and slides out easily. Do not include unless damaged and in need of repair.

Wrap the pendulum and place it next to clock.

Otherwise the clock should be placed, face up, in a box with 1 1/2 - 2 inches of clearance all around. Try to protect the hands of the clock. (Note : we cut a piece of cardboard to roughly fit the clock, and place it over the face of the clock and wrap in bubble wrap. This helps to avoid damage to hands, figures etc).

The clock can be wrapped in bubble wrap, with newspaper stuffed below, around, and atop. Mark as fragile. You should hear nothing shake in the box.

NOTE**** We do, from our experience, suggest shipping via USPS. They have been more reliable.

NOTE: We always insure your clock, when shipped in return, with the value you suggest.

Our address is :

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