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Warranties, Returns and Refunds.

All new, Black Forest clocks purchased through us come with two year factory warranties. We would be glad to help you with any issues involving this.

Our restored cuckoos are vintage time pieces that require an understanding of how to handle and care for them. We provide detailed written instructions and videos to all our customers, which we encourage you to read and watch before purchasing and unpacking your vintage clock.

No clock leaves our workshop without having been tested and run for a minimum of two weeks. We stand by the working condition of our clocks and provide any and all customer service you need to ensure that your clock is running as it should.

As such, we do not accept returns on our vintage clocks. It is simply too difficult to fairly gauge what is mechanical failure versus an issue with the way the clock is handled after purchase.

If, upon discussion, there is an issue with a clock that you wish to have addressed by us within the shop, the customer will pay shipping to and from.

Please ask any questions about these policies prior to purchase.