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Rebuilding Cuckoo Clock Movements

What we are Offering :

We offer full cuckoo clock repair and rebuilding, as necessary. Customers bring their heirlooms to us directly, or by shipment across the country, and we do everything to ensure that they are returned to them working and looking their best. 
These services are all detailed on the home page of this website.

We are now offering the additional service of clock movement rebuilding wherein the customer sends us their movement only and we rebuild it with bushings, clean it, polish pivots, and test it before sending it back to the customer to be re-installed in the clock in perfect working order.

This is a service for movements that have good cores, with no broken pivots or ratchets (chainwheels) Please do not hesitate to send us photographs or ask any questions about your movements viability for rebuilding.

NOTE : This is a service offered to other clock professionals, who repair cuckoo clocks but do not rebuild the actual movements themselves or the well versed hobbyist who is comfortable with cuckoo clock movement installation.

We fully guarantee the rebuilt movement only, not the subsequent installation. Customer pays the cost of shipping but at reduced rate through our website.

Pricing :

One Day Regula 25 Movement - $79

Eight Day Regula 34 Movement - $89

One Day Hubert Herr - $89

Eight Day Hubert Herr - $110

****Please inquire directly about antique movements, count-wheel movements, and three train movements.