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Setting up & Maintaining Your Novelty Wind Up Clock

NOTE : Vintage wind up clocks are delicate and should be placed and handled with care. They are at least fifty years old .

Your wind up miniature clock comes with a key. We have packaged it separately within your shipping container. (***the cabinet on the miniature grandfather clocks is meant to house the key).

We have also packed your pendulum separately.


1) Attach the enclosed pendulum to the protruding wire behind the two little weights.

 2) Insert the key into the winding mechanism through the hole in the clocks dial, at hour six.

3) Carefully wind the spring until resistance is felt. NOTE - winding too tightly will damage movement.

4) Set clocks time by moving minute hand clockwise. NOTE - Never move the hour hand in any circumstance.

5) Without moving the pendulum disc on its shaft, swing the pendulum to begin clock.


***This must be done incrementally and tested—-do not make large adjustments at once.

Therefore remove the pendulum from the wire hook. Move the pendulum disc up to make clock run faster and down to make it run slower.