Repair / Service to One Day Regula Cuckoo

Repair / Service to One Day Regula Cuckoo

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The following repairs and service were performed to Mr. Steve Post’s cuckoo :

*Customers movement was initially rebuilt prior to chain wheel click / rachet breaking…
$229-Rebuild Regula 20 :
Install 5 bushings
Seat and file old good bushings (too long)
Repair spring wire
Install and fit new hands

*Case polishing free with rebuild / new movement 

$2-Remove excess glue from trim (previous repair)

$2 - Remove excess glue from pendulum and install Brad where missing

$Free-Glue dial where previously broken

Adjust bird door throw+ activation
Install missing hook and 2 rings
Test for several days, strike chainwheel failed when winding (due to age)

***$329 (shipping included)

Customer approved retrofit of new Regula 25
Swap door to correct side
Add new mounting clocks to the inside of the case.
Align new movement to dial
Change bird ( old bird only had left side mounting hole)
Bench test clock